Graphics & Web Designs

Web Design

Maria Jackson Entertainment is a Visual Productions and Digital Marketing Company. We specialize in providing professional, consistent and effective web and graphic designs/layouts to private corporations, government agencies and music professionals. Below are three websites done by MJE. The cost for our web designs is 300.00 (for a maximum of 7 pages)

Aarhus Reggae Festival

Graphic Designs

* Brochures: 3 Page Fold 80.00 (30.00 for each added page) - One Week Turnaround
* Magazine: To be considered a magazine, there must be a minimum of five (5) pages. Cost is 25.00 for each page - One Week Turnaround
* Business Cards: One Sided 25.00 / 40.00 Two Sided - One Week Turnaround
* Invitations: Wedding, conference, trade shows, private/public events etc. 45.00 - One Week Turnaround
* Programs: Wedding, conference, trade shows, private/public events etc. 65.00 (two pages) - 30.00 for each additional page - One Week Turnaround
* Flyers / Posters: One Sided 40.00 / 70.00 Two sided - One Week Turnaround
* CD Covers: Singles, Albums, EPs etc. 50.00 (30.00 for each additional page) - One Week Turnaround
* Calendars: One full page 100.00 - One Week Turnaround
* Logos: 40.00 - One Week Turnaround