One of Karamanti's recent single is a combination with German dancehall artist, Beniman, who reached out to her some weeks ago asking for the collaboration. The track is called “I love my life” and Karamanti’s part was recorded at Mixing Lab Studio in Kingston with the final mixing and mastering being done at Rough Cut Studio in Germany. Persons may listen and download “I love my life” here:

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    MJE has apparently released one of the biggest Reggae mixtapes for 2013, "Show Some Love Reggae Mix". It was released on November 1st and features various artists such as Karamanti, Jah Bouks, Anthony Que, Imva Blasto, Orisha Sound, Roots Queen, Mikey General and many more. In only one month on youtube, it has racked up over 6,000 authentic views!

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  • Blasto and Karamanti Collaborates

    Blasto Imva, Malawi's #1 Reggae artist is now setting his sights on achieving recognition outside of his country, as such, he has collaborated with Jamaican artist Karamanti on a track entitled “show love”. The song was produced by BFB (also based in Malawi) and is a part of a rhythm driven compilation.

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